Public Safety

The role of public safety is of primary importance to me and is critical to the citizens of our county.  Within the county’s public safety department are several major groups – the District Attorney’s Office, the Sheriff’s Office, Juvenile Services, Parole and Probation and Veterans’ Services.



As your County Commissioner I am pleased to have budgeted within the Sheriff’s Office two additional employees and adding patrol deputies to the office.  The District Attorney’s office been supported with additional deputy district attorneys and additional support staff, and a domestic violence victims advocate has been added to the victims advocacy section of the DA’s office.


The patrol division does a commendable job and is responsible for patrolling the County and enforcing criminal and traffic laws. In addition to normal patrol duties, the patrol division presently has two marine deputies, one forest deputy, two detectives assigned to investigations, one detective assigned to LINT, and two deputies who provide patrol service to the citizens of Waldport.


Along with the Patrol and Criminal Division, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s office also consists of the Jail Division, Emergency Management/Preparedness, Animal Shelter and Services and Volunteers.


Through the county’s Sheriff’s office citizens may:

  • Report a crime
  • Obtain fingerprinting services
  • See lists of sex offenders, fugitives, or missing persons
  • Check a criminal records database
  • Get information on Internet or computer crime, viruses, or identity theft
  • License a handgun
  • Get traffic safety tips
  • See Amber Alerts for missing children
  • Watch training videos on safety issues
  • Consult crime statistics
  • Learn about state and national homeland security efforts





Through our County’s emergency management/preparedness department, citizens may get information on:

  • Current emergency alerts, including weather forecasts
  • Preparing families, the elderly, businesses, farms and schools for emergencies
  • Disaster relief, including personal assistance funding, temporary housing, and public assistance
  • Federally-declared disaster regions in a state, relief application deadlines and assessment forms
  • Emergency preparedness plans
  • Safe room or shelter initiatives and grants
  • Safe cleanup practices


The emergency management department also deals with hazardous materials.

I attended the Law Enforcement Recognition Banquet in May 2014.

Attending the annual Law Enforcement Recognition Banquet.