Highway 20 Pioneer Mountain-Eddyville Realignment Project Completed 


Highway 20 – West end curves, completed September 2017.

The opening of the west end realignment of Highway 20 in 2017 saw the conclusion of the Pioneer Mountain-Eddyville construction project.  Travelers on the new 5.5 alignment experience passing lanes, wide shoulders, and center-line and shoulder rumble strips to provide a safer journey.

The Pioneer Mountain-Eddyville project broke ground in 2005 as a design build contract with a budget of $140 million. The original design included a series of bridges to provide passage for water and wildlife, span creeks, valleys, and the railroad tracks. Much of the original design had been completed when construction of the three miles in the center of the project proved unfeasible due to ancient landslide activity in the area. The design-build contract was terminated and the project was taken over by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT). ODOT redesigned the central portion as a series of cuts and fills. Rock was cut out of the hills and used to fill valleys, culverts were installed instead of bridges, and a 28-foot diameter wildlife culvert was constructed under the new highway. 

In January 2013 I testified before the Oregon Transportation Commission (OTC) to gain approval of an additional $142 million in funding to complete Highway 20 improvements.  Highway 20 is a vital economic lifeline to our county and the improvements are saving lives, and are ultimately creating more jobs for our citizens.

Since ODOT again assumed control of the project again in 2012, construction remained on time and under the approved final budget of $365 million.


During construction – One of several Highway 20 culverts

Transportation Activities

I have represented the citizens of Lincoln County on the Cascades West Area Commission on Transportation (CWACT) comprising three counties, Lincoln, Benton and Linn, since June 2012.  I served as Chair of this commission in 2014 and 2017, and during 2103 and 2016 I served as Vice Chair. 

I have worked to fund with state and federal funds major highway projects throughout Lincoln County.  While County Commissioner over $28 million in state and federal funds have been obtained for 17 projects throughout Lincoln County.

Some Recent and Current Transportation Projects for Lincoln County:

Lincoln City – Nelscott Highway improvement project – $5 million (Total project $18 million)

Lincoln City – NE Devil’s Lake Road intersection improvements – $3.9 million

Depoe Bay – Highway 101 bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements – $499,000

Lincoln City – Head to Bay Trail Improvements – $871,000

Neotsu – Highway 101 intersection improvements – $3.1 million

Newport– South Beach Highway 101 access and safety improvements – $3.5 million

Toledo – Highway 20 exit slide repair – $1.7 million

Waldport – Bicycle and pedestrian seawall safety improvements – $244,000

Yachats – Highway 101 sidewalks, bike lanes safety improvements, – $ 1.6 million


The above projects and the additional funding for Highway 20 total over $170 million in state and federal benefiting transportation in Lincoln County.


Other future County highway projects under consideration for analysis and possible submission to
the Oregon Transportation Commission should funding become available include:


Waldport - Bicycle/Pedestrian seawall safety improvements

Waldport – Bicycle/Pedestrian seawall safety improvements being planned

Lincoln City            $7 million                Construct sidewalks adjacent to US 101 throughout the city.

Lincoln City            $10 million              US 101 Logan Road-West Devil’s Lake Road.

Toledo                   $7-8 million             Western intersection of US 20 and US 20 Business Loop.

Lincoln County       $2.5 million              Highway/fish enhancement project. Raise roadway & replace

        one bridges on East Devils Lake Road to address flooding

        and fish passage challenges.  (One bridge/culvert has been replaced).

Lincoln County       $3.5 million             Highway project. US 101 Spencer Creek Geotechnical

and additional analysis.

Lincoln County       $3 million                Highway project. Assessment/design related to OR 18

landslides at three sites.

Newport                $2 million                Multiple US 101 traffic management improvements

SW Abbey Street-NW 6th Street.

Toledo                  $3.5 million             Highway project. Address US 20 Business Loop slide


Toledo                  $450,000                 Highway project. Eastern intersection of US 20 and US

20 Business Loop.

Nelscott Highway Project

Nelscott Highway Project — Before

Nelscott Project — Complete


Neotsu - Highway 101 intersection improvements

Neotsu – Highway 101 intersection,  future improvements being planned